essDOCS - An Overview

essDOCS - Paperless Trade Solutions

essDOCS mission is to enable paperless global trade management, providing a range of digital trade solutions to over 60,000 companies globally.


essDOCS solutions enable a suite of apps that users can use standalone or can pick and mix as required to enhance their existing capabilities. CargoDocs digitizes post-trade and supply chain processes. essCert digitizes certification of origin, movement and trade documents.


What essDOCS offers

essDOCS offers a suite of digital trade solutions, many of which can be integrated by Partners into their trade or trade finance platforms. These solutions include:

Exchange Title Docs (previously called DocEx) enables companies and banks to digitize original bills of lading, warehouse warrants, promissory notes and bills of exchange.

Assemble Cargo Docs enables users to digitally generate, collect, manage approvals, digitally sign and securely share finalized domestic or cross-border trade & shipping documentation.

Digital Trade Docs

Digital Trade Docs (DTD) enables MNCs, commodity traders, agri houses, oil + chemical companies and other large manufacturers or importers to save hours per shipment by fully or partially digitising domestic and cross-border shipping, trade and compliance processes. The solution has multiple variants, which are configured for the relevant docs and process of different industry segments such as: Energy + Chemicals, Metals + Minerals, Agri + Food, Forestry, etc.

ePresentation enables Trade Finance Banks and Alternative Finance Providers to digitally manage the presentation of documents under letters of credit, doc collections and other finance arrangements.

essCert is an electronic Certificate of Origin (eCO) solution, providing Chambers of Commerce, Authorizing Bodies, Exporters and Freight Forwarders with a secure, online tool for application and issuance of eCOs.
essCert provides Chambers of Commerce, Authorizing Bodies, Exporters and Freight Forwarders with a secure, online tool for application and issuance of electronic governmental and quasi-governmental trade documents such as Preferential and Non-Preferential electronic Certificates of Origin (eCOs) and many more, along with relevant supporting documents such as Commercial Invoices.


essCert API

This API documentation revolves around essCert API

essCert is an administrative utility for Chambers of Commerce, Customs and/or other Bodies Certifying Trade Documentation. It enabes exporters and freight forwarders to apply for documents to be certified digitally, enables certifiers to review and approve or reject submissions, manage charging for certification services if required, and enables certified documents to be returned to the applicant digitally or in paper.

essCert enables exporter or freight forwarders to digitally apply for preferential or non-preferential certificates of origin, movement documents and certification of other trade documents.

Customs + Banks Verification

essCert enables third-party receipients to verify the authenticity and content of eCertified documents online at:


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